Chambres d'hotes Vezelay Morvan  DOMAINE  de  DRÉMONT
Burgundy, Central France
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A few historical highlights....

The ancient origins of the "Domaine de Drémont" remain vague; no archives remain prior to 1820.

The house, the oldest building on the site (16th century?), doesn't in any way resemble a traditional farmhouse.

Its location in a vulnérable site - isolated, in a valley, with no fortifications - makes it clear it never belonged to a lord of the manor.

In fact, it is said that it was farmed by monks. 

A number of clues have led us to think the Domaine might have been a first halt on the pilgimage going from Vézelay to Santiago Del Compostella, and which still runs nearby:

- First of all, the vast attics of the house were endowed with fireplaces, obviously for warming up a large number of people and not for storing grain and fodder as was otherwise customary.

- Secondly, modern pilgrims choose the most remote paths. However, in the Middle Ages they would have preferred the main roads for fear of bandits, i.e. the old Roman road called « old road to Vézelay » which runs by the farmhouse. On this road, Vézelay is about 23 km away : a good day's walk..

- Finally, even though they were erected in the 19thcentury, long after these hypothetical times, the statues of the Virgin Mary and of the Sacred Heart, most unexpected on a farm, were most certainly linked to the history of the site. The edge of the gown of the Virgin is, as a matter of fact, decorated with coquilles St Jacques, symbolising the pilgrimage.

- One last, somewhat flimsier clue : when the Billardon family took over the Domaine in 1850, in was in a dire state of neglect. And so was the pilgrimage...

The Domaine such as you know it today was shaped in the 19th century.

Today, in keeping with the tradition of the Domaine, we welcome you in our home to share with you its mysterious history and the outstanding beauty of the site.
virgin mary

sacred heart